AHIHA alumni Noah Powell drafted by the NHL Philadelphia Flyers

July 1, 2024

The Philadelphia Flyers have selected right wing Noah Powell with the 148th pick in the fifth round of the 2024 NHL Draft.

Powell is a re-entry, having gone undrafted in 2023, but drastically improved over the course of the 2023-24 season, drawing significant interest from scouts who were taking a look at him as a re-entry candidate. He’s described as a player who’s able to have an impact on all stages of games, and is “an energetic player who can build speed very quickly and thus he’s able to provide energy in both transition as well as the offensive zone.”

While the Flyers have shown that they’re focusing primarily on centers when it comes to building up their offensive ranks, Powell is breaking up that pattern a bit by being a winger, a position that Flyers GM Danny Briere has acknowledged Philadelphia has quite the abundance of.

“Sometimes the light bulb goes off at different times for different guys, but it’s a credit to him for sticking with it,” said Dubuque head coach Kirk MacDonald.

“He took advantage of an opportunity he got in November with some increased ice time, and he’s ran with it. So I think you’re always happy for guys to have success.”