Our Programs

AHIHA offers a variety of programs for athletes to develop skills both on and off the ice. Participants range from six-year old beginners to elite college hockey players. Our programs support players who communicate using lip reading, oral communication, and sign language. Players must have a 40db or greater hearing loss and be currently enrolled in an organized hockey program, and be registered with USA Hockey. Our program is intended to develop players’ skills so they can achieve the highest level of competitive hockey available to them. Players must apply for acceptance into the program each year.

Annual Hockey School

Our flagship program is a seven-day hockey school that provides the unique opportunity for athletes from across the U.S. to skate and learn with other players who have a hearing loss in a supportive and positive environment to gain confidence in their abilities both on and off the ice. Players meet other hockey players who also have a hearing loss and form life-long friendships. Participants learn from the best coaches in hockey with instruction typically one coach per three players.

Deaflympics & World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships

For more experienced players ages 16 through adult, the Deaflympics and World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships provide an opportunity to play in International competitions. Players must meet the USA Deaf Sports Federation’s requirement of a 55 db loss in the better ear, in order to try out for the US Deaf Ice Hockey Team. The team representing the United States has won nine medals, including 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals in International competitions since 1991.

USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival

This event is sponsored by USA Hockey as part of the Hockey is for EveryBODY initiative and features the six disciplines of disabled hockey – blind, deaf/hard of hearing, sled, special, standing amputee, and warrior hockey. AHIHA organizes a team to represent the deaf/ hard of hearing discipline at the festival. It is a great opportunity for players to showcase their skills in a different state each year, and is typically held in the Spring.

Girls/Women’s Team

Girls/Women have always been welcome at AHIHA, but it wasn’t until 2010 that we had enough girls/women to form a team. We are now working towards a formal International program for the Girls/Women.

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